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This is annual festival which falls on the first Kumbham(M.E.) (February) in praise of Bhagavan Chathan. This festival with several programmes of worship lasts for three days. Many of the prayers are accompanied with blowing of coches, atmosphere of solemnity and devotion. People from for worshipping Bhagavan Chathan.

The favourite weapon if Bhagavan Chathan is Kuruvady. The Thiruvellattu is an annual festival of songs and dances in praise of Sri Chathan.

On the first Friday of the month of Magha during winter this festival starts. The sacred head of Madom and the numerous worshippers and admirers stand in dedication before the sanctum sanctorium of Bhagavan Chathan on the morning of Friday. The oracle in frice regalish of this office sits before an oil lit lamp near the shrine if creating feeling that the shrine and oracle are one and the same. Punnyaha Pooranam. Thampoola dhakshina etc are the rituals then follow. On an unbleached new cloth spread before the oracle. Red flowers, betal leaves, arecanuts etc. are lard out. The head of the Madom who stands in attention before him with folded hands and in deep silence awaits the desire of Chathan to be expressed through oracular utterances. The oracle then pronounces the day when Thiravellattu should commence.

The drawing s of the floral design of Bhagavan Chathan commences on the second day after conclusion of the ritual dance intended to please the forefathers that will commence by seven in the morning. The floral design drawn in full size if touched by feet all sins accured hither to will subside is the traditional faith and large crowds eagerly assemble for the same there.

Chathan Thira is a ritualistic performance intended to propitiate Bhagavan Chathan.

Almost all of art work of the ancient days were religious manifestations intended to please god. As mentioned earlier the weapon of Cahthan is of wood called Kurubvady Lalam drawing – the floral designs with multicolored powders is an interesting spectacle. It is a display of colours. Thirakkalam should conclude before 2 O’clock P.M. it is then that the Devanritham (dance) commences. After this dance performance the mass feeding. Annadhanam is done.mass feeding is the most pleasing item to Bhagavan Chathan. By about five again the Devanritha will eb stayed. The Panjaloha ideal of Bhagavan Chathan. Riding on a buffalo back, of a hight of one and half feet and eight inches circumference will be kept on a stool. The exposition of the idol is an item kindles a scene of reverence even among on-believers. The procession of Bhagavan Chathan also a colorful ceremony. As pointed out earlier many Gods and Godesses are represented in this dance festival; Lord Siva, Vishnu Parvathy and are also staged on the occasion. The Koolivaka, is also symbolically presented on the occasion.

The ritualistiv performance of Thira will conclude together with pooja performance to Malanayady.

Thiramannan belonging to the Mannan community traditionally peforms ceremonies on the occsion of Thiravellatu Mahotsavam in the Kanady Madom.
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The relation between Thriprayar temple and the Kanady Madom situated three Kilo meters away is wellknown from ancient times.