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The Devan was born, to Lord Shiva and Godess Parvathi and raised by Koolivagha(Tribal princess) in the Koolikunnan forest. The purpose of incarnation of the God was destruction of the Mighty Demon Bringhasura.

The Devan cannot be destroyed by fire, led astray by the wind, he has sway over the Earth and Sky, he has the five elements under his command; neither ‘Mantras’ nor ‘Tantras’ can bind The Lord Sri Vishnu Maya Chaathan.

Due to the penance of Konaacharya Yogi, The Lord became the presiding deity (Kula Devam) of Kanadymadom Tharavadu. He presides in all splendors, offering solace and granting blessings to devotees in the Kaliyugam.

Koonaaacharya was born in the century during which evil spirits and negative forces were
 active. The Acharya offered severe penance to Bhagwan Shri Vishnu Maya, who taught him Mantras and Tantras to alleviate the misery, pain and ill health of people.

The Acharya went to the Himalayas and performed penance for a long period . He succeeded in obtaining the Darshan of Bhagwan Shri Vishnu Maya. The Achaarya was granted the boon that The Lord shall be the presiding deity of Kaanadi Mattom so that the evil forces could be embattled and defeated. The Bhagawan was (Layichu) engulfed in the Badrapeedam and brought by the Acharya to the Mattom.

By “Drawing” the powers of Bhagwan onto the Pancha Loha Vigraham, it was installed at Kaanadi Mattom and at this Temple, Daily rituals, rites and poojas were performed as per the dictates and shastras(vidhi) laid down by Konaacharya. The Acharya’s descendants are following this procedure, thereby not taking away any of the significance or reducing the sanctity of the Swami’s Chaithanyam. The Acharya’s Samadhi is known as “Kukshikalpam”. Here, Kutti Chathans are invoked and installed. Chaathan Swami and the soul of The Acharya reside in “Kukshikalpam”; the Acharya’s Samadhi. The union of the two Shakthies increases the prominence of Kanadymadom Kshethram.

The main view of the Madom is the Giant Banyan tree, the “aal thara” and “Kazhcha Mantapam”. The Naaga devathas are installed under the big Ezhilam Paala tree; this is a presence of ancient piety. Near the sacred Sree Kovil, Godess Karinkaali, Bhuvaneshwari, Vana Durga, , Naaga Yakshi, Brahma Rkshas, Maha Vishnu, Sri Ganapathi and other deities preside in special enclaves.

Thriprayar Chaathan Swami is worshipped at the Main Sreekovil’s “Kanni Moola” (South west) after Chaathan Swami’s divinity was invoked and removed from Thriprayar Sri Rama Swami Kshethram (Most Ancient Temple in Kerala). Here, the mighty waves of historical, revolutionary, and mythological stories and facts abound.

By to the blessings of Guru karnavanmar (former priests), a Trust is formed for the Divine purpose of the good of the general populace and believers. The Sakshal Chaathan Seva Madom Trust/S.C.S.M Trust (Kanadymadom)

The mission of the Trust is the welfare of the people.
Joint Trustees
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The relation between Thriprayar temple and the Kanady Madom situated three Kilo meters away is wellknown from ancient times.