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Kanadymadom family is a prominent family of Peringottukara in Thrissur District. The older generation who were the worshippers of Sri Saraswathi, Laxmi and Durga are said to have come from the Northern part of Kerala. They were given shelter by the dependants of ‘Chazhoor Kovilagam’ who belongs to the ‘Kochi King’s kin’ (AD 1400) and are the over lookers of the Devasom that runs Thriprayar Sri Rama Swami Temple. In the holy land allotted to them the Kanadymadom family members settled down and raised their families. This part of history is evident from the palm leaves left behind with the historians.

The holy land had the Boothakulam (Ghost pond), Boothapara (Ghost rock) and paddy fields till the eye could behold. In the historical stories handed down the ages, this holy land was the playfield of Boothathans (Holy ghosts). The Boothathans used the staff to pound paddy in Boothapara. It is mentioned in the history of the land that the Boothakulam had five depressions in which each held a precious stone guarded by the Boothathans.
In the olden days, gold was sorted in palm mats(paya) by Boothathans and so goes thousand other stories recited and recalled by the older generation of the land.

Long ago, in the South part of Boothakkulam the members of Pulaya and Paraya community lived as a colony. When a virgin was to be married she would offer beetle leaves, arecanuts as ‘dakshina’ to the Boothathans, close her eyes and say aloud ‘Enu velikku aniyan ponnu venam, naale thirichu thanidam’. When she would open her eyes, the ornaments for the wedding would be present before her. Many are the interesting stories that the ancestors of the land have to say.

Even today, as a testimony to historical facts is the ‘Boothakulam’ spread over 1 acre at the ‘Kanni Moola’ of the Kanadymadom Temple and the ‘Boothapara’ to the East of the Temple. The verdant place became fit for human dwelling only after the advent of the ancestors of Kanadymadom Tharavadu in the 12th Century.

The prominent elders of Kanadymadom Thravadu were well versed in ‘Kalari’ (Traditional Weapon Practice) and practioners of shaktheya Karma. They were also Goddess Kali’s (Godess of Kalari) devotees. Inspite of this the main temple such as Thriprayar Sri Rama Swami Temple accepted and respected them. They were great friends of Blahayil Tharavadu; the presiders of the affairs of Thriprayar Sri Rama Swamy Temple. Hence when the Blahayil Tharavadu was affected by the very strong ‘Baadha Dosham’ the divine force was brought to Kanadymadom Tharavadu and installed there.
Till this day, shaktheya poojas are offered to Thriprayar Chaathan at the ‘Kanni Moola’ of Kanadymadom Tharavadu Temple.
It is the only Vishnumaya Chaathan Swami Temple to which the Thriprayar Thevar arrives for Parayeduppu during the more than 5000 years old Aarattupuzha Puram (One of the most ancient festival of world).
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The relation between Thriprayar temple and the Kanady Madom situated three Kilo meters away is wellknown from ancient times.